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Zero Waste Store Coming to Ryemarket!


Over packaged items which often contain an unnecessary amount of plastic has been plaguing our supermarkets and high-street shops for years. It’s thought that Britain’s leading supermarkets have been creating over 800,000 tones of plastic packing waste each year.

Thankfully, people are starting to say no to single-use items and yes to zero waste products.

In November, The Ryemarket Shopping Centre will be welcoming its very first zero waste, family-ran shop, Eco Maniax.

After trying to live as plastic-free as possible and finding it difficult to source their essentials in the most ethical ways possible, Caz Barratt took it upon herself to start her own zero waste shop.

Caz started a Crowdfunding page through NatWest Bank’s Back Her Business scheme, where a number of pledges receive a reward such as a discount, gift or for businesses to sponsor an item. The proceeds will help fund some of the larger items to make the zero waste experience easier and to keep the costs down for customers.

She is hoping other local residents will follow in her footsteps on cutting back on what they consume and to start implementing more sustainable practises in their day to day lives.

Eco Maniax will be stocking a range of organic dried foods, such as pasta, pulses, grains and cereals as well detergents, cleaning products, shampoos and conditioners. Customers will need to bring their own containers, so they are able to use the refilling stations.

Other plastic-free items in the store include toothbrushes, face wipes, cups, beeswax food wraps and sanitary products, to name a handful.

Kelley Dyas, The Ryemarket Shopping Centre Manager commented: “From the first time I met Caz and heard the concept of the business, myself and The Ryemarket owners were fully behind it – we feel it will be a real asset to the centre and the town.”

“Sustainability and recycling are becoming important factors in everyone’s day to day lives and we would like to wish them every success with their new business within The Ryemarket”.

Eco Maniax will be opening in the Ryemarket Shopping Centre on the 30th November 2019.

T: 01384 378183