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Poundland Donate Over 300 Boxes of Maltesers to Leslie’s Care Packages!


The season of goodwill has come early for one of our stores in The Ryemarket Shopping Centre.

Poundland have been generous enough to donate over 300 boxes of Maltesers to Leslie’s Care Packages – a fantastic organisation dedicated to helping the homeless and vulnerable community.

Homelessness in the UK has become an unsettling reality for an unfortunate few in recent years. According to a statistic from local Government bodies, the number of people sleeping rough in the West Midlands has risen by a horrific 58% since 2014.

A small token of goodwill like this can help lift their spirits and bring them the good fortune they rightly deserve.

For more information about how Leslie’s Care Packing is helping those in need, you can visit their website here:

You can also help support your community by shopping local, so pop by The Ryemarket Shopping Centre in the coming weeks to start your festive shopping.

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