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Ryemarket Mental Health Awareness Project


Ryemarket Shopping Centre has teamed up with Northampton poet and author of 5 books, James and the aim of the Mental Health Awareness project is to inspire shoppers and spread positivity. At Ryemarket, we have picked 4 poems that are currently on display at the Talbot Street entrance corridor.

James said, “When I see people posting pictures on social media saying that the quotes made their day, it really makes the whole project worthwhile. Words can be powerful when used in the right context, I think this project achieves all the things it sets out to do on so many different levels and it is continually growing and changing to suit every single environment it is in. All the messages are positive and empowering. They are designed to make the general public stop and think and question their life. When you read something that you connect to, it means you are not alone in regards to the way that you feel and if you are not alone, life is more manageable on a daily basis. The general public have been amazing! They have been taking selfies with the quotes and sharing the project on Twitter and Instagram, giving it a life online too! The project is also running in various places in Perth, Australia and gearing up to run in America too.”

The Poetry Project has been running since 2008 and is run to help raise awareness on subjects like depression and mental health, in an attempt to help those who are currently suffering and show them that it is ok and they are not alone. There are many taboo subjects that people are scared to approach but we have to talk about them, it is healing. James uses poetry as the voice. James suffered depression and poetry saved him, it is an amazing outlet. With the help of some amazingly talented actors, actresses, voiceover and YouTube artists from all over the world, the project is proving that the spoken word can be a very powerful thing indeed and its versatility can open people’s eyes and make them see how emotion can be portrayed in such a beautiful way with poetry at its core.

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