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Made in Stourbridge

“Boosting the profile of local creative enterprises”


Made In Stourbridge is a programme of events, public exhibition spaces and a network that will bring together and promote the creative enterprises in the town.

Set up by Stourbridge Community Development Trust, it seeks to support the local creative economy and act as a catalyst for developing a range of programmes with wider social aims. The Directors of the trust Eddy Morton – Owner of Katie Fitzgeralds and Anthony Hughes – Creative and Cultural Heritage Consultant, both live in Stourbridge and have a passion for supporting the town and its creative economy.

This month sees the opening of their pop-up shop, Made In Stourbridge in The Ryemarket Shopping Centre, with the official launch on Saturday 24th November running over Christmas till early new year.

The shop will provide a platform for local designer makers working in a range of artforms including: applied and fine art, ceramics, metalwork as well as musicians, authors and sculptors. The public facing space will provide a chance for them to display and sell their work as well as providing a platform the other creatives to come along, engage with the network and get involved in future initiatives.

“We are building a hub for the towns creatives who are all out there, designing and producing amazing work” said Eddy Morton, “But often they have to work away from Stourbridge and take their skills and creativity out of the town. We want to create the right conditions for them to flourish here in Stourbridge, create a sense of pride and a strong vibrant creative economy through support of local residents who can come in, look around and will be able to buy pieces.”

Anthony Hughes is committed to building on the towns heritage and identity. “Stourbridge has always been at the centre of collaboration between the artisan and Industry. Its world class industrial heritage was founded on the historical intersection between those creative practices and manufacturing, which saw the town grow; whether that be glass, metalworking artist creators, writers or musicians and this is still something that’s true of Stourbridge today.”

There are challenges and many creative practitioners have taken their skills out of the town or need to commute for work. He added.

“However, over the years, a lack of investment, opportunities for creative industries and the failing economy has hit Stourbridge hard. This is phase one of many programs aimed at investment through creative Industries, as a catalyst for economic regeneration for Stourbridge and its world-class reputation.”

The initiative wants to establish the right conditions for future creatives to be able to settle in Stourbridge and make it a creative cluster.


Made in Stourbridge is supported by Katie Fitzgeralds and Stourbridge Foundation 4 music.


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